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Buyte delivers Apple Pay and Google Pay in a simple widget install. Make the checkout the easiest part of the eCommerce experience.


What's this all about?


of users will abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new user account

Cydney Hatch, Disruptive Advertising


of online eCommerce visits worldwide happen from a smartphone

Rikke Thomsen, Sleeknote


of online purchases worldwide are made via a digital wallet

Graham Charlton, SaleCycle

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The digital wallets platform

Buyte abstracts the security, compliance and development requirements involved in setting up Apple Pay and Google Pay for your online store. This way you can tap into your user's digital wallets in a simple setup and install.

Sign up to dashboard

Use your email to create an account directly through our dashboard. No credit card or payments required.

Connect your payment gateway

The merchant dashboard allows you to connect to your site's payment gateway.

Create your checkout

Choose the payment methods you would like added to your site. i.e. Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Install our widget

Download the Buyte plugin or request documentation and use your checkout widget ID along with the newly created API keys to activate the widget.

Why use Buyte?

Frictionless checkout

Skip passwords, account forms and the standard checkout flow. Minimise time to checkout, maximising conversions.

Leverage familiarity

Allow your users to checkout using the same technology they use in-store.

Secure by design

Apple and Google's security infrastructure prevents card/payment details from leaving your user's devices.

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